Maria tie-in til Kristin topside feed-studie

D-study (FEED) where the purpose is two link the Maria field to the Kristin platform for production.
REINERTSEN must submit documentation That is Required to Establish a technical solution as well as weight and cost Estimates to a level where the project can be Evaluated for full Sanctions. The study includes the follo wing elements: - Maria topside inlet arrangement (over pressure protection, allocation metering) - N / -301 DEH riser replacement - Production Manifold - Test Separator Upgrade - 3 trinnsseparator, vertical profiles - Produced Water Capacity - Utilities Maria Umbilical ( gas lift, HPU, chemical injection, signal, electrical) - Oppdradering totetankdekk - Kristian SAS-study - Direct electrical heating (DEH) - Inter Installation Signal Transmission - Level Setpoint and instruments for all separators - Telecommunications - Hans measurement Upgrade A weight optimization study should be made for certainties parts of the work scope for Reducing the installed weight on the platform. A final report will be delivered two Level C acc. TR1244 located, 10.22.2014. The final FEED report Shall Be Submitted in Accordance. Level D TR1244 within at 02/13/2015. Production start for Maria Field is Q1 2018.


  • › År: 2014-2015
  • › Kontrakt: D-studie
  • › Kontraksverdi: 28 mill. NOK

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